2021 Turn time How long will it take to get my records

Just so you know it is not just us – but all plants in the world have the same issues.
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Three crazy things happened

1) plant had a corvid outbreak (a guy died) closed for two weeks

2) Apollo Plant that make 90% of all parts for making records burnt down

3) Record sales are up 25% and Walmart is ordering

because records are selling — the record store are empty — they then call the record labels — they are out — the labels call the plant. To added to this Walmart has discovered records. So they call Warner and ask for 100,000 Fleetwood Mac Records. Warner calls the plant and places a 2,000,00 dollars order. The plant says we promised one of Paul’s customer that we would get his records done in 2 weeks. Warner says do u want the million dollars or not. U know what happens. So things are delayed.

Here’s a video made by us